Industrial Wood Routers: In the event you Purchase a CNC Product or maybe a Conventional Product?

The last forty many years have observed the commercial woodworking equipment redefined. As late because the nineteen seventies, most high-grade wooden chopping equipment have been floor-standing designs that operated by means of a combination of automatic mechanics and human manipulation. Regarding the router, these equipment (e.g. plunge router) remain in use now. However they aren’t the routers that a lot of woodworkers want. Most woodworkers choose Laptop or computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) best woodworking router, whose cutter heads are operated by a programmable pc.

The benefits of CNC Variations

Regarding functionality, a CNC version gives not less than 4 positive aspects that many normal types don’t:

Big slicing desk that accommodates numerous pieces simultaneously
Possible to cut on 5 axes
Great repeatability across substantial production runs
Cutting potential well suited for high-speed configurations

These gains are liable for the best-known traits of CNC equipment: impressive slicing precision, amazing reducing speed, along with the elimination of lousy cuts. Better nevertheless, these added benefits are accomplished as a result of a basic, four-part output method:

Coming up with the piece which will be lower
Incorporating the look right into a reliable CAD model
Converting the model information into your machine’s programming language
Controlling machine procedure because it makes the look

Concerning the machining system, a CNC router’s computer-controlled cutter heads offer woodworking organizations at the least 4 advantages that normal versions never:

Appreciable reduction of human error
Shorter schooling time to achieve specialist user position
More workspace (one particular CNC product can swap several regular types)
Capacity to have one particular human being check far more than a single CNC router

Blended with functionality benefits, these rewards come up with a CNC design the most preferred industrial wood router. However it is not superior to a normal product in all classes, especially price.

The advantages of ordinary Variations

Normal industrial grade designs absence the creation capacity of their computer-controlled counterparts. But they do present the next rewards that CNC routers never:

Considerably reduced order rate
Reduced restore cost and servicing cost
Significantly scaled-down footprint
Never ever deliver a run of faulty parts as a consequence of a programming error

In case your creation demand isn’t going to need you to enhance to your computer-controlled industrial wooden router, utilizing a standard you can be the very best possibility. On top of that getting rid of the cost of shopping for a CNC model, in addition, it spares you the price of repairing and keeping it. Around a duration of quite a few yrs, the fee distinction between getting and functioning a regular version, and purchasing and operating a CNC variation can be countless a large number of pounds.


Regarding know-how, relieve of procedure, and creation capability, industrial CNC products are remarkable to plain industrial products. Nonetheless, if a regular edition meets your needs, purchasing a CNC model may be an ongoing waste of money. In the event you do require a CNC model, but its value exceeds your products price range, shopping for it as utilised woodworking equipment can lead to 30% or even more from the machine’s new sticker price tag.